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Pretty Good Solitaire 14.1

It is a comprehensive collection of solitaire games
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Pretty Good Solitaire is a comprehensive collection of solitaire games. The large number of solitaire games that it contains is truly impressive, and it is by far the biggest asset of this game. It includes more than 800 different solitaire games, from popular ones like Klondike, Pyramid, Spider, and FreeCell to less-known ones.

Another nice thing about this solitaire collection is that it offers you a lot of customization options, letting you configure the look of the card deck and some aspects of the games themselves.

A unique feature provided by Pretty Good Solitaire is the “Solitaire Wizard”, which lets you create your own solitaire games either from scratch or by creating variations of the existing ones. Saving the currently played game for later is also supported, as well as endless undo and redo history.

On the other hand, the interface could have been a bit simpler and the how-to-play guides should have been integrated into it so that you could access them while playing the games. Currently, they are only available in a separate help file.

Ultimately, Pretty Good Solitaire is one of the better collections of solitaire card games. As it also offers many handy features and its downsides are minor, I can only recommend it.

Margie Smeer
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  • Truly comprehensive game pack
  • Contains plenty of customization options
  • Lets you create your own solitaire game


  • The interface could have been a bit simpler
  • The how-to-play guides could have been easier to find and access
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