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Pretty Good Solitaire is a collecion of 795 solitaire card games
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Pretty Good Solitaire is a collection of 795 solitaire card games. Many users will find games like Klondike, Spider, and FreeCell familiar, but Pretty Good Solitaire goes far beyond these three and offers endless hours of fun. Pretty Good Solitaire also offers a great variety of options and game modes; and it also includes a wizard to make your own custom game, based on the rules that you can create on your own.

The interface may seem a bit complicated at first, but this is only because of the high number of games you can choose from. If you're new to solitaire and you do not know how to play a certain mode, you can have a look into a handy guide of rules for every one of the 795 included games. It's an excellent way for first-time players to get into the solitaire world.

As for the games themselves, you have statistics on your current game, the ability to save your game in its current state, and even download new sets of cards from the developer's website.

As the creators of the game claim, they are not responsible for one's addiction to the game, with the excuse of 'just one more game'. This is how I could refer to my own experience with this collection of games, which are indeed a worthy representative of the solitaire genre on Windows.

Gabriel Terrazas
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  • 795 different games to play
  • A wizard to create your own solitaire version
  • Lots of in-game options


  • The interface could be a little more modern
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