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A huge collection of different solitaire card games
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Solitaire is one of the all-time favorites among the card games, and its electronic form is also one of the oldest computer games, appearing ever since MS-DOS times. This program offers an enormous quantity of different solitaire styles to suit even the most discerning tastes. Here, you will find from the most known solitaire forms like Klondike and Spider to the most exotic you can imagine, some of them played even with up to three card decks! All the games are arranged by types, so you can find any game quickly, and if you are familiar with a specific type of game, you will find other similar games easily. Also, if you are adventurous enough, you can ask the program to display a random game.
As in real life, each game presents millions of variations, and you can choose any of them to play it once and again to master it. You can save your game to continue it later, as well as replay it entirely. The game also includes several other interesting features, such as the possibility of choosing the image for the back of the cards, and to download even more images for added variety.
This new version includes 15 games more than the previous one, making a total of 740 games for you to enjoy. The trial version is fully functional during 30 days and includes a limited number of variations of each game. If you like the program and intend to use it longer, then you need to purchase the full version.

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